by Mariya Kozlova

Dancing ballerina music boxes. 10.05.2018 Dancing ballerina music boxes.
Dancing ballerina music boxes.
Cuffs in Collage View 02.05.2016 Cuffs in Collage View
Cuffs in collage view
Cutties Nose Cuffs 29.04.2016 Cutties Nose Cuffs
Small cutties for nose piercing imitations. Bright color dragonflies with universal and comfortable cuff fitting.
Quality wire creations from US copper core wire.
Like an Asian fairytale...
Enjoy your life! Be happy! Warm hug from Russia :)
Bright Wire Colors for Cuffs 27.02.2016 Bright Wire Colors for Cuffs
Fashionable bright self-expression in small details - cuffs for ears, cuff-rings for lips and a nose.
Now any cuffs can be executed in juicy trend colors - just write about your choice in a comment to the order.
NEW Huge Fashion Rings 02.09.2015 NEW Huge Fashion Rings
Gorgeous fashion large rings with natural gems, mother of pearl, pearls, Swarovski crystals!
Dragonflies 01.03.2015 Dragonflies
Now asymmetric cuff earrings are also available with a Dragonfly for a left ear - just leave a comment with an order.
Colorful Ear Cuffs 22.11.2014 Colorful Ear Cuffs
Cute cartilage ear cuffs! New bright colors!
Treasure Fish Ear Cuff 15.06.2014 Treasure Fish Ear Cuff
Treasure-hunting fish is made to order ear cuff for the left ear.
Thank you for photos! 07.05.2014 Thank you for photos!
Thank you for your photos in the ear cuffs!)
Enjoy 10% OFF 25.01.2014 Enjoy 10% OFF
Dear Friends!

Enjoy 10% Off - use coupon code SAV10 at checkout. Active till the 10th April 2014
New Year's discount 05.12.2013 New Year's discount
New Year's discount 15%
Use coupon code SUPER15 at checkout in your Cart
Discount active till the 10th January 2014

Fellows' Ear Cuffs 10.09.2013 Fellows' Ear Cuffs
Ear Cuffs fashion trend  is not only for girls!
Fact about Knuckle Rings 26.05.2013 Fact about Knuckle Rings
Knuckle Rings - from Renaissance to nowadays fashion trend.
Happy New Year 31.12.2012 Happy New Year
Tropical Flowers Ear Cuff 27.09.2012 Tropical Flowers Ear Cuff
New ear cuff in wire art.
Video Put on Your Cartilage cuff 27.07.2012 Video Put on Your Cartilage cuff
Enjoy video about how to put on very fairy cartilage ear cuff!
How to put on small ear cuff 27.07.2012 How to put on small ear cuff
Enjoy a video about how to put on small cartilage ear cuff for the top of the ear.
My hobby is painting 19.06.2012 My hobby is painting
My hobby is watercolor painting.
20.05.2012 New model soon comes out
A new model with weaving will some come out!

12.08.2011 Russian Odri Hepber

They say she is Russian Odri Hepber...

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