by Mariya Kozlova



Mariya Kozlova is a jewellery designer from Moscow, Russia. She has been working on a daily basis for more than 5 years  to give her customers unique pieces of handmade jewelry that make women feel special. All Mariya’s artisan-made jewellery have exceptional design and features.

Russian jewellery designers are well known all over the world. Usually, they create seed beads jewellery while Mariya designs wire jewellery. So, there is a high interest in Mariya's wire designs in Russia and abroad.

Mariya often takes part in fashion competitions and TV shows about handmade jewellery. Also, she is regularly interviewed for online fashion portals.

 And now after opening the shop on Etsy almost four thousand items are living abroad.

Mariya creates handmade jewellery in following three styles:


1. Wire Style – basically ear cuffs, earrings, and rings

2. Romantic Fairy Style jewellery – mostly earrings with ear cuff. Using gems, pearls, shells, mother of pearl, Swarovski elements, wood, felt, and forest cones.

3. Fashion Style – jewellery for fashion shows. It's intended to be a shocking style.  Using all possible materials including feather, textile, leather, and forest treasures.


Mariya always works with love and an open heart creating real small heartwarming jewels for you!






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